iiTZmy Day Care

With the growing necessity of a shelter that is safe and secured, for the working professionals to leave their children during their work, 'iiTZmy' planned a structured program "iiTZmy Day Care" that provides the solution to children ranging from 1 year to 12 years.

This Day Care cum After School program caters services for full-time and part time to meet the needs of working parents.  Knowing the difficulty of leaving the young children on someone's hands,  iiTZmy strives hard to earn trust by delivering high quality childcare and making the children to feel safe and comfortable with us. 

iiTZmy enables the parents to focus on their professional responsibilities with the assurance that their children are in a secure environment; in short, just another home. iiTZmy offers individual attention and care to each child through its trained staff members.  The play-based program includes a mix of exploration, guided and independent activities, quiet times and outdoor play.

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