iiTZmy Nursery

iiTZmy Nursery Program is designed to inspire children  in the age group of  2.5 to 3.5 years to explore, create and interact thus enabling them to discover and learn about their environment on their own.

iiTZmy Nursery provides a balanced curriculum with an equal proportion on Academics and Play.

  • Develop Reading & Writing Skills, Literacy Concepts, Number sense
  • Ability to hold a crayon and express their imagination
  • Explore their physical strength and potential by playing
  • Learning body balance and control
  • One to one interactions to the teachers and the peers
  • Vocabulary building
  • Instigating curiosity to think, reason, question and imagine;

 iiTZmy Nursery encourages children to express themselves through a wide array of activities like dance, music, art and craft.

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